Pricelist of construction works

Indicative price list for construction work for 2024, does not include all services performed. The price list includes items related to our services listed on the main page and the About us page. We offer a wide range of construction work at competitive prices.

Price list of construction workssince
Tiles and tiles
wall cladding950 CZK/sm
laying paving900 CZK/sm
laying paving tiles on an angle1150 CZK/sm
self-levelling trowel285 CZK/sm
plinth(mouldings)140 CZK/lm
decorative tapes140 CZK/lm
laying of interlocking pavement380 CZK/sm
Plasterboard work
plasterboard partitions850 CZK/sm
plasterboard ceiling800 CZK/sm
Demolition work
trimming of existing tiles140 CZK/sm
cutting off the existing plaster100 CZK/sm
brick wall demolition800 CZK/cm
demolition of umakartu240 CZK/sm
demolition of concrete2500 CZK/cm
transfer and filling of the container with soil1250 CZK/cm
transfer and filling of the container with debris1500 CZK/cm
concrete screed up to 50mm340 CZK/sm
concrete screed up to 100mm420 CZK/sm
laying polystyrene120 CZK/sm
waterproofing - liquid160 CZK/sm
waterproofing - asphalt strips320 CZK/sm
Ytong 50mm420 CZK/sm
Ytong100mm460 CZK/sm
Ytong 125mm480 CZK/sm
Ytong 150mm480 CZK/sm
Ytong 200mm560 CZK/sm
Porotherm 400mm750 CZK/sm
Installation of jambs1600 CZK/sm
Fitting of door frames1600 CZK/pc
Fitting of windows1200 CZK/pc
wall leveling (up to 20mm)140 CZK/sm
spiking the wall105 CZK/sm
stretching the wall with glue (without perlinka)160 CZK/sm
stretching the wall with adhesive (with perline, 2 layers)195 CZK/sm
plaster squeegee220 CZK/sm
remedial plaster220 CZK/sm
core plaster, thickness up to 20mm240 CZK/sm
stucco plaster195 CZK/sm
facade plaster280 CZK/sm
marbleite320 CZK/sm
Installation of floor coverings
floating floor180 CZK/sm
PVC,lino280 CZK/sm
vinyl click clack system360 CZK/sm
vinyl, laying by gluing380 CZK/sm
carpet240 CZK/sm
rails140 CZK/lm
Painting work
tearing down wallpaper80 CZK/sm
scraping old paintings80 CZK/sm
deep penetration35 CZK/sm
painting white35 CZK/sm
facade paint60 CZK/sm
moving380 CZK/h + fuels
more work380 CZK/h
transport of material12 CZK/km
excavator work1350 CZK/h + fuel
rubble/earth container 3,5cm4400 CZK

For a specific range of services, please send us an enquiry via the contact form or email. The prices are indicative only. We will calculate the final price of the work according to the actual work done. Prices are inclusive of tax. We are not subject to VAT.

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